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Clear your financial blocks.
Step into your Soul Purpose.

Abundance Mindset Coaching | Akashic Records Reading

Money Pattern Breakthrough Course

Our relationship with money impacts every single area of our lives.

In this 5-week live online course, we'll transform your experience and relationship with money. By the time we're done, you'll feel more relaxed, confident, and expansive with money as an aspect of spacious abundance in your life. Here are the topics we'll dive into together!

Your Money Bio

We all have a money story that began with our family of origin. The powerful narratives we subconsciously received about money when we were children often drive the dysfunctional and self-sabotaging patterns that we experience with money as adults. We'll begin with a deep dive into your Money Biography so we can understand where and how your current patterns and relationship with money evolved.

Money Archetypes

Identify your archetype and and assess how can you start creating a more clear and conscious relationship with money. After we discover what your current archetype is, we'll dive into some practical steps to start developing more empowered and conscious choices in your experience with money.

Money Story Mirror

How is your money story reflected in your life today? We'll explore your pattern origins and how you can change them. Clearing your inner financial blocks, we'll then lay the foundation to feel more easeful, expansive, and empowered with money.

Changing the Patterns

Take steps to create a new relationship with money. Looking through the Practical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual levels, we'll create and clarify the small but significant steps to change you can take to shift your current patterns with money and truly embody the pattern that you'd like to experience instead.

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This course will begin in February 2021. Send me an email to hear the latest updates and get on the waiting list!

"Working with Sara left me not only feeling empowered to set and achieve financial goals,

but helped me recognize that tending to my own financial health is not greedy and selfish but very much an act of self care and self love. Sara's non-judgmental and welcoming approach allowed me to to explore my inner beliefs about money in a way that felt intentional, accessible, and in alignment with my values as a woman, mental health provider, and professional. For anyone looking to adjust their relationship with money, I highly recommend working with Sara." - CS


Abundance Mindset Coaching

Get clear with your finances and relationship to money. In our work together, we'll create and implement a personalized plan to help you transform your experience with money so you can reach your financial goals. We'll work on both the inner belief patterns and outer pragmatic layers including savings and retirement, understanding that they are not separate but in fact very intimately connected. Recognizing that people often have dysfunctional and self-sabotaging patterns with money, we'll begin by clearing your inner financial blocks starting with your old money story and financial archetype. We'll transform your relationship with money so you can finally feel relaxed and aligned with money as an aspect of spacious abundance in your life.

Akashic Records Reading

Are you curious about your Soul Purpose and what you were really born here to do? According to the Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life or metaphysical record of everything that's ever happened in your soul’s journey, we each have a purpose or higher calling in this life. During an Akashic Records reading, we consult the Records directly for guidance about the energetic and practical steps you can take to fully step into your Soul Purpose both personally and professionally.

“Working with Sara has been a truly transformative gift. When we started our work I felt contracted, insecure, and fearful around all things related to money. After just five weeks there has been a profound internal shift for me - I’m now feeling more expansive and empowered around money

and this inner transformation is reflected in my outer world as I am learning to have open and honest conversations about finances and several income opportunities have come to me, as if by magic, during the weeks we’ve worked together. If you think of money as energy then Sara has helped me to clear the blockages in my money channel so that energy can flow more freely. Sara is such an incredible coach - her passion for the work will inevitably help to stoke your own fire and she beautifully blends practical actionable steps with thought-provoking and inspiring spiritual principles.” - Halie

"Sara's coaching has been an incredible ally for me in financial goals and invaluable for the launch of my new business. Her dynamic and truly holistic approach is such a breath of fresh air with a balance of organization and compassionate guidance that is profound. I leave each session feeling inspired, activated and supported on every level and return with solid goals I have achieved!" - Katie


8/8 Lion's Gate: Abundance Breakthrough Retreat

Move through your money blocks and open to Conscious Abundance with Nature during this incredibly powerful 8/8 Lion's Gate in Mount Shasta! In this 5-day, 4-night retreat, we'll begin each day with a deep dive into practical action steps to release the old money stories that are holding you back from playing big in life. Then working with the grounding and expansive element of Nature, we'll visit Mount Shasta's powerful sacred sites in the afternoons to further support this process and connect with abundant source energy through guided ceremony.

  • Date: 8/5/2021 04:00 PM - 8/9/2021 12:00 PM
  • Location: Castle Lake Road, Mount Shasta, CA, USA (Map)

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8/8 Lion's Gate: Abundance Breakthrough Retreat




About Sara Artemisia, MS 

I help Health and Wellness Pros, Creatives, and Empaths clear their financial blocks and clarify their life purpose.

I've been coaching and mentoring individuals to overcome obstacles for over twelve years. I have a Master's degree in Organizational Financial Management a Bachelor's degree in Marketing because I wanted to learn how to connect holistic visionaries with people who would benefit from their services. I'm also a Certified Money Coach and Certified Akashic Records Reader.

Having always felt connected to the spiritual foundation of life and experienced a profoundly transformational shift in my relationship with money over the past decade, I share this work with people on the journey of understanding how the sacred power of money can help them fully embody their soul's purpose and offer a sustainable form of service to their clients and the world.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen in my own life and in my work with clients that when people who are oriented towards helping the world become a better place get clear and aligned with their money, then money becomes a transformational tool for healing in the world. This is my big mission and why I’m so passionate about this work.

"Working with Sara has been beyond helpful. She has calmed our anxiety and hopelessness about money on multiple levels. We finally have a realistic budget and an easy way to keep track of our spending.

We also have a plan to get out of debt. Sara had us identify our core values individually. I now very deliberately run my purchases through a filter of my values to make sure my money is working for the world I want to be creating. I was honestly embarrassed and reluctant to start working with her because of what I felt to be ineptness with money. But she met us exactly where we were and recognized that we were already on track in ways we didn’t even see ourselves. She takes the time to genuinely appreciate every step we take in the direction of financial freedom which has given us the encouragement to keep making progress, baby step by baby step. She has supported us through difficult, emotionally charged meetings with groundedness, compassion and wisdom. I am so grateful for Sara’s insight, knowledge, and care with us on this journey." - LK